Three Most Common Jewellery Repairs

Jewellery has some sentimental value to it. For some, jewellery helps them understand the true value of love while to others, every time they wear their favourite piece, it helps them reminisce over memories of people dear to them.

If you own jewellery that has lost its lustre, worry not, this is normal to things that have been worn over time. The good news is that repair experts can help in bringing back your most valued piece to life.

Apart from the usual wear and tear, there are other damages any jewellery owner must always look out for. When damage occurs and you are still within your warranty period, you can actually have it replaced. However, below are some of the most common repairs your jewellery will need from time to time.

Sizing and Soldering

The size of your fingers varies depending on the weather. If your wedding ring doesn’t fit right as it used to a while back, you might have to take it for resizing. Soldering is also another thing you might want to consider as it helps in preserving your wedding set from damage.

Clasp Repair

If you own a chain that you hardly get off your neck, you must know the pain that comes with its clasp getting broken. Don’t give up on it yet as a professional jeweller can actually fix it. You won’t even notice the difference with what was there before. The secret is getting a professional repairer with great experience in jewellery repairing.

Polishing and Cleaning

Your jewellery will need some polishing and cleaning every once in a while as the lotion and soap you use every day won’t be so kind to it. It doesn’t matter how old your jewellery is, if it has lost its original shine, then it needs some cleaning and polishing.