If you are in Melbourne and looking for a watchmaker or jeweller and don’t know where to begin, this site has almost everything you might want to know. The site has a list of sellers of both new and old watches, repairers, and the best sale deals in case this is something you would be interested in.

The site has great content on watches and how to take care of them. For watch collectors looking for leads on where to get great timepieces including vintage ones, the site has done an excellent job. If you own a piece of jewellery that has lost its lustre and have been wondering what to do with it, the site has great pointers on the best way to get it back to its original form and shape.

Different Sections

The content on this site has been grouped into sections to make navigation easier. It is very easy to find whatever information you are looking for. The articles are also concise and excellently written which sets the site apart from many others that cover similar content.

Some of the topics you will on this site:

* Watch and jewellery repairs

* How to buy a vintage watch and where to find them

* Watch damages and how to avoid them

* Types of watches and leading brands

These are just some of the many topics the site has covered. It has also provided a great platform where buyers can connect with sellers. If your plan is to gift your partner or friend with a watch during special days such as a birthday, this is the place to get tips before buying one.